10 Ways To Maximise Your Chances Of Selling

730 x 235 4Maximising the potential of whatever you’re selling reaps its rewards. As a home owner, selling your property is the result of maximising its appeal. Here are 10 of the best ways to replace that ‘For Sale’ sign with a ‘Sold’ one.

Happy Owner. Happy House.

Hosting isn’t easy for some, but for others it’s second nature. The moment those potential buyers step inside your door their eyes are assessing every tiny detail. The persona of a house is a mirror image of the resident, so be upbeat. Seeing the current owners happy in the property creates a fantasy in the buyer’s mind that the property will do the same for them.


Once that ‘For Sale’ sign pops up on your front lawn, that house is no longer yours. Having this mentality will enable you to see the flaws in the property that you didn’t see before. Justifying a $650,000 price tag when the property is drowning in clutter is a really tough sell.

Your house needs to become a neutral hub so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. Decide what you can and can’t live without. If your snap decision is that you can’t live without the punch bag you got for Christmas three years ago, keep it. If you hesitate when deciding whether to keep the worn out foot stool in the centre of the living room then lose it.


Ultimately space is what buyers want, so space is what they need to see.  Show as much carpet or floorboards as physically possible. Rugs and darkened rooms tend to draw in the eyes, squeeze the space and make the room appear smaller than it actually is.

Get Your Asking Price Right

When working out your asking price, make sure you put some serious thought into the decision. Obviously the job of your Local Property Expert is to establish an accurate price that reflects your specific property and the surrounding area, but if you’re thinking of locking in a price yourself then research, research and research some more. A property with a bloated asking price will rule out a number of buyers before they’ve even viewed it which will put you at a disadvantage from the start.

Critical Eye

When you think your house is ready for sale, ask a trusted friend or family member to cast a sharp eye over the property. They will pick up negative aspects that you may have missed first time round.

Kerb Appeal

They say it takes approximately eight seconds for potential buyers to decide whether or not they like a house. Like it or loathe it, kerb appeal is a deal breaker. It’s an element that more premium properties can get away with, as for some, the area itself is the kerb appeal. Think Wisteria Lane.

Give the front door a lick of paint, invest in some fresh house numbering with a classy font, de-weed the walk way, place some flowers on the windowsill, hide away the bins and clean your windows until they sparkle. Small changes matter, so don’t overlook them!

Social Media

If you haven’t considered using social media to promote your property you’re missing a trick. Ask your nearest and dearest to help share out your property. Doing so can result in greater interest, greater viewing numbers and offers. You never know who may be looking, so be your own best promoter.


Internet speeds and the power of the modern mobile mean we can now watch videos buffer free. If you’re tech savvy and think you can show off your property better than Andrew Winter, why not create a little video tour from your mobile and upload it to YouTube, Facebook and all the rest? After all, who knows the property better than you?


Making the trip to the odd forum or blog such as Savings Room, Reddit, RealEstateTalk, Aussie.com.au and *cough* Purplebricks *cough* can provide a valuable education on the selling process.

Surround Yourself With Experience

Buyers will never come out all guns blazing with their first offer and you shouldn’t be snapping at the first carrot that they dangle in front of you. Ensuring you get the best price possible is the goal but it needs to be carefully handled. The buyer will have been advised on your circumstances and will adjust their offers accordingly. Here’s where the experience of your Local Property Expert needs to be tapped. They’ll have years of negotiation experience so you should always be in contact with him/her during this vital time.



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