6 Signs You’re Ready To Move


730 x 235 1Starting to think a move may be in order? Here are six signs you’re ready to hit the road…

Billy No Mates

So all your friends have moved further afield leaving you high and dry. If you and your partner wish to be closer to them, it might be high time you packed those bags and hit the road.

Tight Squeeze

It’s the classic reason. Simply put, your home is feeling tighter than a pair of new budgy smugglers. Perhaps it’s the rate at which you’re having children or that your lifestyle is affording luxuries that don’t seem to fit in your two bedroom townhouse. If you discover yourself debating the pros and cons of moving the treadmill into the bathroom to make room for the new chest of drawers you purchased, then upsizing might be appropriate.

That Commute

That commute isn’t getting any easier is it? Seeing the same faces. Hitting the same traffic. The passenger seat, littered with the memories of Maccas drive throughs, is evidence that perhaps you’re spending more time under the roof of your car than your home. It’s never bad thing moving closer to work if you find it benefits the time spent out of it.

Money Money Money

So you’ve climbed the career ladder and are discovering that after all your monthly repayments, you’ve still got resources to play with. At the rate in which house prices are increasing, those extra dollars could be well spent on a bigger house in an up-and-coming area.

It Used To Be Nice Here

Years ago the sun shone brighter, the air smelt fresher, bird song resonated in the wind and you loved the feel of fresh grass under your feet…or something like that. That was years ago however. Nowadays you’re snarling at the wheel during your drive through the neighbourhood, reminiscing on just how nice it used to be. We think a change of scenery may be in order. Less snarling, more smiling!

They’ve Flown The Nest

All of sudden the house feels…quieter, right? Those eight-pound bundles of innocence you brought home all those years ago have grown an extra five feet and decided to venture out into the big wide world. Leaving you with less washing, more space in the fridge and a couple of extra bedrooms to boot. Thing is, though the house feels quieter, it’s now seemingly bigger. Too big in fact. There’s three things guaranteed in this world – death, taxes and downsizing.


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