Aussies not spooked by living in haunted suburbs


It’s apparent that living near haunted locations with a horrible history does not disturb Aussie homeowners, and the location more often than not proves to be a property hotspot!

On Halloween, Purplebricks’ Local Property Experts share their local knowledge about their spooky suburb to demonstrate that the area shows no sign of diminishing interest.

From the haunted Princes Theatre in Melbourne, to the notorious Boggo Road Gaol in Dutton Park, Brisbane many have tales that nightmares are made of, but not to the homeowners in these areas who enjoy all of the perks that the suburb has to offer.

Luke Pervan, National Sales Director, Purplebricks said: “Brisbane and Melbourne are home to some spooky spots, but far from deterring potential buyers and spurring homeowners to move on, we have found that Aussies in these areas are undeterred by its haunted history and are experiencing positive growth.”

“A variety of factors from excellent transport links to the city, access to stunning green parks or a wealth of employment have proved that the chilling areas don’t affect property prices or interest in the area.”

Brisbane’s Top 5 Spooky Spots

  1. Purplebricks Local Property Expert (Mark Bellingham) for Dutton Park says:

Dutton Park is home to one of the most notorious prisons in Australian history, the Boggo Road Gaol, synonymous with rooftop riots, ghost stories and more. Yet the legendary haunting stories don’t spook locals who relish in the beauty of the iconic Eleanor Schonell green bridge, which provides easy access to the city. The area is highly popular with students and young professionals alike and is enjoying a positive burst of redevelopment.”

  1. Purplebricks Local Property Expert (Craig Yarrow) for Newstead says:

Brisbane’s oldest surviving home Newstead House has reported many paranormal sightings over the years but it hasn’t stopped people flocking to the area to enjoy apartment and inner city living. Newstead’s location is ideal for its proximity to the Brisbane River, Fortitude Valley nightlife and the myriad of quality restaurants.” 

  1. Purplebricks Local Property Expert (Mareece McMahon) for Brisbane City says:

Brisbane City Hall’s council workers were often spooked by goings on inside the building, but nowadays the thriving city is a popular draw to students and young professionals and ranks as one of the top 25 most liveable cities. There is currently a plethora of new city apartments being built and the city skyline is changing due to high demand of city living. Housing prices have climbed steadily with median house prices in Brisbane rising by 5 per cent per annum and is expected to continue for the next few years.”

  1. Purplebricks Local Property Expert (Stephanie Crawford) for Wellington Point says:

“The ghost stories surrounding Whepstead House don’t deter the hubbub of activity in the family-friendly area of Wellington Point which boasts a wealth of cafes, restaurants and pubs, and the local beach is flooded with families in the summer. Property prices have also increased over the last 12 months with the area enjoying a wealth of new build properties.”

  1. Purplebricks Local Property Expert (Craig Yarrow) for Toowong says:

Toowong Cemetery has over 250 acres of gravestones and crypts and is a famously haunted site operating ghost tours for those who are brave enough to partake! Despite the chilling tales of reported ghostly sightings, Toowong is an in-demand residential neighbourhood with convenient access to cafes, restaurants and bars. It is also an attractive suburb because of its proximity to the University of Queensland, the Brisbane River and Toowong’s commercial and shopping precinct.”

Melbourne’s Top 5 Spooky Spots

  1. Purplebricks Local Property Expert (Christine Banks) for Bundoora says:

Bundoora is home to the former Larundel Mental Asylum, but it hasn’t spooked homeowners from the highly sought-after area with its access to convenient transport links and shopping centres. Bundoora also has two excellent major Universities; La Trobe and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology which attract the younger demographic.”

  1. Purplebricks Local Property Expert (Stewart Pritchard) for Geelong says:

The Old Geelong Gaol once operated as a high security prison but the infamous site now hosts ghost tours with haunting stories of the murderers and brutal prison realities recalled on the tour. The frightful tales from the prison hasn’t dampened interest in the area, which has seen property prices rise in the past five years. The area also boasts a stunning waterfront precinct area ideal for families and Geelong is a bustling hub of employment.”

  1. Purplebricks Local Property Expert (Andrew Leung) for CBD and surrounds says:

“Despite the CBD being home to the Princes Theatre, famous for its numerous ghost sightings, the area is still the fastest growing capital in Australia. Melbourne boasts a wealth of world-class restaurants and cafes and always has a thriving cultural calendar of events on throughout the year that makes the city so attractive.”

  1. Purplebricks Local Property Expert (Alex Karlis) for Coburg says:

“Coburg is synonymous with Pentridge, which was often referred to as the “Bluestone College” or “Coburg College”.  In spite of being home to the iconic Pentridge Prison, the median sales price for houses in Coburg, in the last year was $815,000 based on 285 home sales, compared to the same period five years ago, the median house sales prices, increased 31.5% which equates to a compound annual growth rate of 5.6%. Coburg is less than 10 km from CBD and neighbours the super-chic Brunswick, so it comes as no surprise that it is a popular area.”

  1. Purplebricks Local Property Expert (Troy Constantine) for Kew says:

“The decommissioned Kew asylum was one of the largest asylums ever built in Australia. Yet the chilling tales from the Kew Asylum haven’t perturbed local residents who enjoy all that the well-established area of Kew has to offer. Property prices have continued to grow and it is a stand-out suburban area home to Trinity Grove Grammar School, one of the most prestigious in Victoria.”


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