How To Prepare Your Home For Photography

730 x 235 2So you’ve decided to list your home and are preparing it for photography, but you’re not sure how to maximise its appeal. Read on for some useful tips on how to prepare your home for photography…


When taking property photos any evidence of your lifestyle needs to be removed so your property can come across as neutral. See that any unnecessary items such as heaters, fans, laundry baskets and bins are removed. Clear any surfaces you have of books, keys and general clutter. Finally get as much external natural light into the room as you can and turn on any lamps for internal lighting.


Make the sink your first port of call and remove any and all washing up – you’d be surprised how often this doesn’t happen. Secondly, wipe down appliances that attract dirt and grease such as ovens, stoves and microwaves. De-clutter work surfaces and make sure bins, brooms, mops and pet products are removed from view. If any room should come across as bare in the photos, it’s the kitchen.

Living and Dining Room

With property pictures your goal is to exude space especially when it comes to living and dining rooms. To do so let in as much light as possible, both externally and internally. Remove any pieces of decor that can draw in the eyes and make the room appear smaller than it actually is, such as rugs and poufs. Finally, de-personalise the rooms by removing family portraits and children’s toys.

Front and Back

Make the first impression of your property a good one by removing unappealing objects such as waste and recycling bins, de-weed your drive or walk way, clean the windows, shine your house numbering, remove the car from the drive and should your garage door look worn, give it a lick of paint. Gardens both front and rear will need to be mowed and neatened whilst children’s toys, if possible, could do with being removed from view. If you have any special features such as a fountain or pergola, give them a once over and show them off on the on the day of photography!



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