Meet the Team: David Palmer


David Palmer is our Local Property Expert in Hornsby Shire, NSW. Discover more about him below…

What are the top three pitfalls sellers make when renovating their home?

  1. The colour ‘Mission Brown’ must have taken its name from the fact that it’s such a “mission” to paint over! It was the popular colour for weatherboards in the 70’s and I can imagine that many people have struggled to cover it ever since!
  2. When it comes to renovating yourself it may save you money but it can cost you time and effort. You should weigh up your decision and decide what means more to you – money or time?
  3. Painting isn’t as easy as most people think. Someone I know recently bought everything they needed to repaint the house (paint, brushes, drop sheets, etc) but later returned everything to the shop for a refund when they realised the sheer scale of the task. Needless to say they called in the experts for the job.

Is there any real estate jargon you would advise sellers to be wary of from real estate agents?

If you’re unsure about what anything means, don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s what Local Property Experts are here for – to help the process be as clear and easy as possible!

Why did you join Purplebricks?

I joined Purplebricks to spend less time prospecting for homes to sell in exchange for spending more time with the customer journey, allowing me more time for negotiation and to secure the best possible price for the seller. Providing sellers with a fair and transparent proposition is what attracted me to Purplebricks.

What is the best thing about your job as a Local Property Expert?

I’d say that it’s the feeling you get when you’ve achieved a great sale for both the buyer and seller. Aside from this, I enjoy the relationships developed with the seller and working to ensure the sales transaction is seamless and easy for them.

Where is your favourite place to holiday/visit in Australia?

Anywhere the kids are happy and kept well entertained. We’ve had lovely holidays in Fingal Bay, Jervis Bay, Coolum and Canberra.

Would you prefer your dream house to be near the sea or located in the country? Describe your dream home

My dream house would be in the country. In spite of the fact that I love beach and deep-sea fishing, a dream home would be a converted church or barn with a water wheel. I’d love to make it a ‘Grand Designs’ affair!

Where would your dream house abroad be?

I’ve always loved the culture and architecture of rural France, so it would have to be there. Although I speak minimal French. I’d be happy to spend my days renovating an old barn house, shopping for groceries at the hyper markets and eating well!

Another option would be New Zealand. I was lucky to live in Tauranga on the North Island for seven years and I think if I returned it would be to the Coromandel Peninsula – it’s a beautiful area.

Quick fire time…

 Tell us one thing about you that would surprise people?

I’m a real movie buff. My favourite is probably Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday…that never happened.

 What is your favourite song?

“You’re The Best Thing” – Paul Weller

About David Palmer

David strives to deliver a first class service always putting the needs of his customers first. David has extensive real estate experience and local knowledge to help you through your property journey.

Feel free to contact David any time via:


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