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What do you think are the common pitfalls sellers make when renovating their home?

Homeowners often overcapitalise on aesthetic improvements that don’t always add value to the home. Sellers can also commence renovations and then not end up completing it due to the renovation costs being higher than originally budgeted for, therefore presenting an incomplete property to prospective buyers.

What are your top tips for sellers to avoid doing on auction day? 

They shouldn’t speak directly with any prospective buyers or accept bids lower than reserve in impulse or panic without being fully advised by their Local Property Expert.

Sellers should also avoid being present at auction amongst bidders.

What would you say is the top benefit of selling your home via auction?

Auctions create a strategic time frame in order to speed-up the sale process and put pressure on prospective buyers to purchase the property within that time period. It can promote better selling results as well by creating a competitive edge between bidders and thus an emotional attachment to ‘win’ the property. There also aren’t any cooling off periods.

Is there any real estate jargon you would advise sellers to be wary of from real estate agents?

Not specifically. Only that they should always do their research before they commit to an estate agent to sell their property.

Quick fire time…

Why did you join Purplebricks?

I have worked for traditional estate agents in administration, property management and sales and was told about Purplebricks by a friend. I did my research and their business structure, ethos and proposition to change the industry in such positive ways appealed to me, so I decided to join. It’s great to be a part of such a dynamic, forward-thinking business with so much support and opportunity for both employees and clients. A true ‘game changer’.

What is the best thing about your job as a Local Property Expert?

The people and the experience you can provide your customers. I love that I’m not just representing Purplebricks as an agency but also the area we work within to some extent. Building long-lasting relationships with both the seller and buyer is something I find particularly rewarding.

Where is your favourite place to holiday/visit in Australia?

I am certainly a true Melbourne girl. Melbourne is by far my favourite place to live, holiday and visit. I have been to all states except Western Australia & Northern Territory.

Where would your dream house abroad be?

I can’t decide between New York or Las Vegas- it would have to be both!

About Megan Care

Megan has been working in real estate for seven years and is passionate about ensuring her customers experience a great service. A lover of Melbourne life, Megan is goal orientated, personable and always up for a challenge.

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