Preparing To Downsize – Top Tips


blog-banner-3Downsizing is inevitable. Especially when the kids have fled the nest and mum and dad are looking for a property that is slightly more manageable to maintain. Check out these top tips for downsizing.


When downsizing, space in your new home becomes a premium. This means that once you’ve moved in, you’re going to have to get creative when deciding how and where to store items. Some of the most ingenious and creative ways to store items are sometimes the simplest.


You don’t want to move into your new home and discover that your old wardrobe fills the entire spare bedroom. Make sure, especially with larger items that you know exactly how much space they’ll take up beforehand.

Be Ruthless…

…about what you can and can’t live without. Sentimentality will be a help and a hindrance during your downsize. It’s fairly common that after years and years in your family home, your property is flooded with items that carry emotional weight. Packing some of those sentimental items will be simple, whereas others, namely larger items that will be impractical in your smaller home, will be far more difficult. Create an inventory and list all items into two categories, ‘Must Have’s and ‘Do Without’s! Keep these de-cluttering sessions punctual, two hours max and start with the easiest room to build confidence that the task at hand can be completed.

Sell Sell Sell

There will always be moving costs, but you can make the finances easier on yourself by selling the clutter you don’t need either online or doing your own garage sale. The money recouped certainly won’t cover the outlay on your new home but it may cover small removal costs.


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