Week One of a Purplebricks Local Property Expert


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What an incredible week it has been with Purplebricks officially open for business in Australia!

As the National Sales Director for Purplebricks, what has excited me the most about our launch has been the time I’ve spent with our team of licensed Local Property Experts.

I recruit people with all of the natural sales skills and real estate experience you could imagine but what we really look for stems back to our two founders Michael and Kenny Bruce. When they set up Purplebricks, they sat down and made a commitment to make every Local Property Expert go through a rigorous multi-interview process that draws out their stand-out personal qualities that will provide a dedicated customer experience.

I can speak from experience as I went through this process and it challenges you in ways you don’t expect and also pushes you to truly think hard about the reasons you want to work for Purplebricks. There are numerous qualities we look for in all our Local Property Experts but the one I will share is that we look for someone who shows genuine care and respect for their customer (owner or purchaser). Great customer service is talked about all the time by traditional real estate agencies but Local Property Experts are selected for this quality. All you have to do is read the TrustPilot.com.au reviews on our platform to understand just how important this quality in a person is.

Our Local Property Experts go through an intensive two-week training course that sets them up for the role, and also builds a tight-knit community within our group of Local Property Experts.

The role of a Local Property Expert is very different to that of a traditional estate agent. What’s exciting about the Purplebricks model is that we enable our Local Property Experts to spend more time focusing on delivering an amazing customer experience. With the traditional real estate model, agents spend a large majority of their time canvassing new leads. Purplebricks is different because our major marketing delivers the leads to them, enabling them to focus on the customer journey, providing support from appraisal to sale.

All our Local Property Experts on board now have unique stories and life experiences but one of the most important things is that they are dedicated to delivering the best price possible for the homeowner, whilst delivering greater transparency and trust about the sale process through their care and drive to deliver.

Now we’ve launched in Australia, I can’t wait to hear feedback from our customers and their experience of working with our fantastic Local Property Experts.

I look forward to updating you on more on our Local Property Experts and the listings in the Australian property market.


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