Why the time is right for disruption in Australian real estate by Ryan Dinsdale, CEO Purplebricks Australia

730 x 235  Ryan DinsdaleLike many people in Australia, I have a very healthy obsession with property. It has fascinated me most of my adult life and I have been fortunate enough to have experienced buying and selling my own property.

I believe that selling your property should be an exciting and positive experience and one that ensures sellers get the best possible price and see the increased value of their investment. Selling a home is in my mind, one of biggest financial transactions most people will ever make.

The experience of selling your home shouldn’t be tainted with a lack of transparency and trust – and high-cost commissions. When homeowners spend their hard earned money paying for a mortgage and investing in their home, they should get all the benefit of the increase in value of their home, not see a growing proportion of it be paid away in commission.

What’s exciting for me about launching Purplebricks into Australia is the opportunity to provide true differentiation and a real alternative in the real estate sector.

We have a huge opportunity to disrupt and transform the traditional industry. Our success in the UK is testament to our offering. Our licensed Local Property Experts consistently provide first-class customer service, our world-class technology provides transparency and empowerment for the sellers and our low-fixed fee saves homeowners thousands of dollars.

It was the Purplebricks spirit of entrepreneurialism and genuine belief in providing a better experience for people selling their homes that drew me to want to work with them. Having watched its success in the UK and its early rapid expansion to being a national business, I knew it was a model that would be loved by Aussies.

So one evening in October last year, I emailed Michael Bruce, the UK CEO and co-founder, told him a bit about myself and shared my vision for the opportunity to bring Purplebricks to Australia. True to Michael’s approachable and fast-paced leadership style, he responded that night and agreed to meet me. So I packed my bags and flew to the UK to meet him…and here I am today, getting set to launch the brand into Australia!

I have an unwavering belief that we will be successful in Australia because of these three things:

  1. The industry is in need of change

The boom time for real estate agent commission is over. The real estate industry has been riding the house price boom and their sales commissions for too long. Sellers and buyers no longer see value in it. Even with the digital transformation across the industry, homeowners have not seen a reduction in their selling costs. The commission paid to real estate agencies is an out-dated, unfair and distrusted model. It’s time homeowners save thousands of dollars and keep the money they make from the appreciation of their property value.

  1. A genuine alternative

We will truly shape the future of how Australians sell and buy real estate. With our three-year history in the UK of breaking new ground from the bricks and mortar commission agency model, we have a deep understanding of technology-enabled innovation in the real estate industry, combined with exceptional service. We will become a genuine alternative for sellers across Australia.

  1. Trust and transparency

The power of Purplebricks is in the combination of an easy to use platform that creates complete transparency and empowerment to the seller. Our licensed and highly experienced Local Property Experts will focus all their time and effort on providing incredible customer service and getting properties sold for the highest possible price.

Lastly, the thing that truly makes Purplebricks a unique and formidable business is an unrelenting, unflinching and unquestionable focus on the homeowner. This is engrained in our culture, in every way and in every part of the business.


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